Monday, May 11, 2015

Mortgage Bankers Association Designations

For more than 25 years Phil LaTessa has worked as a loan officer with companies such as Ottley Mortgage and JP Morgan Chase. Phil LaTessa recently spent six years as the city auditor for Syracuse, New York. Over the course of his career Philip LaTessa has become a member of several important industry organizations, including the Mortgage Bankers Association.

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) provides members and non-members alike with a variety of educational opportunities, including four unique specialist designations that allow bankers to give proof of their expertise in a select area of banking. The MBA offers the commercial certified mortgage services (CCMS) designation to bankers who desire to gain a finer understanding of the complex and constantly evolving commercial mortgage servicing landscape. The MBA’s residential certified mortgage servicer (CMS) designation, meanwhile, features separate tracks for those interested in default administration, financial controls and investor administration, or loan administration.

In addition, the MBA provides opportunities for the certified residential underwriter (CRU) designation as well. With the CRU designation individuals are challenged by a progressive curriculum that ranges from basic to advanced. By completing all CRU levels bankers can experience a variety of benefits, including decreased error rates and increased productivity. Finally, to achieve the accredited mortgage professional (AMP) designation individuals must complete the program of the School of Mortgage Banking (SOMB).